Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Path repairs in Skelghyll Woods

We've recently been working in Skelghyll Woods, just on the outskirts of Ambleside. We've been improving the drainage as over recent years the path has started to become steadily eroded in areas.

As there was little suitable rock on site we hand-picked the rock from the local quarry. We brought the rock in using our 4x4 and trailer then loaded it all into our mechanincal power barrows.

Loading up the power barrows

It wasn't long before we had distributed the rock around the woodland ready to build the drains.

Moving the rock to site

After all the materials were on site we set about constructing the stone drains and replacing a section of pipe. With these in place the path should now be much better prepared for any future heavy downpours.

One of the completed drains

Skelghyll Wood last year hit the headlines for being the home to The Grand Fir. The Grand Fir stands at 57.8m high, and is the tallest tree in Cumbria and also the tallest Grand Fir in England. It was planted in around 1860 as part of an arboretum at the Wansfell Holme country estate.

Specialist arboriculturists were called in to measure the tree and the it was all filmed with the help of Dreamtime Film. Here's the video that tells the tale...

We've been working hard on improving access around Skelghyll and we're also planning to create a new trail around the site that will be in place in the next few months. So this Springtime why not pen in a visit to see the tallest tree in Cumbria?


  1. I am planning to visit the Lakes soon and would like to see the tall tree. Is access OK even if the new path is not in place?

  2. Hi, you should be fine! The paths are unsurfaced so a bit rough in places and they can also get a bit boggy in wet weather. Though as long as you've got some appropriate footwear you shouldn't have a problem. :)

  3. The film is wonderful and the music a very nice compliment. You gentlemen make a demanding job look like a pleasure.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you like the video! :)