Thursday, 28 February 2013

Footpath Repairs in Stagshaw Gardens

After finishing our work at Skelghyll Woods we moved on to nearby Stagshaw Gardens which is renowned for its impressive rhododendron and camellia collection.

Our original plan was to replace a section of pitched footpath, which was a little awkward to walk on, with some more formal stone risers. Though once we started removing the old pitching we soon discovered that the path was sat right on top of a section of bedrock. This made it impossible to carry out the planned work as there was no way we could sink the slate riser stones deep enough into the ground. We therefore decided to alter the route of the path and put in a gravel path instead.

The line of the new path

Once we had decided on the route we dug out the tray for the gravel  to sit in. Using the pitching stone we'd removed, we built a stone revetment (wall) to support the lower side of the path where it cuts across the angle of the slope.

Looking up the new path

The soil that was dug out to form the tray was moved and placed against the revetment to help landscape the area. It was incredibly wet while we were working on the path so we'll have to go back and check whether we need to put in any drainage. It'll also give us the opportunity to seed the area and get it looking its best.

Looking down the new path

With the new path in place it will now be much easier for all visitors to enjoy the garden when in full bloom later on in the year.

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