Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Finishing off the Elterwater path

Our other job last week was to finish off the path on Elterwater Common that we'd started back in March with rock collection. We'd got as far as putting all the pitching and drains in and replacing one of the bridges, but we still had another two more bridges to complete, as well as all the gravelling and landscaping.

Finishing off bridge Number Two

It took us around a day to replace two bridges and get the path ready for the gravelling, which left us one more day to put down all the gravel, landscape the path (to help it blend in better with it's surroundings) and tidy up.
By the end of the first morning we'd shovelled out, and put down 4.5 tonnes of gravel (which we collected from the nearby Elterwater quarry), we used our petrol power barrows to get the gravel to the less accessible areas of the path. This left us with an afternoon to re-seed around the path and make the area look more presentable.

Shovelling the gravel 

By the end of the day the path was looking great and given a few more weeks of decent weather for the grass to grow it should look even better still!

A few more photos of our work on the Elterwater Path can be seen by clicking here: TwitPic

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  1. Well done on the path completion, I had seen your work in progress a few weeks back. I have put copies of 'Tubular Fells' in the Britannia, so it can't get much more local. There'll be a framed one in there soon for all the local AW 214 chasers!