Monday, 3 June 2019

Working on the footpath up to Boredale Hause

Since our last blog post we've been busily working alongside the South Lakes team at Boredale Hause.

Last year we completed work on the bridleway that leads up to Boredale and now in the second year of the project we're working on the footpath that runs parallel to, and just below, the bridleway.

 Starting work midway up the footpath

 Completed section of path

We started midway up the footpath with the South Lakes team working on a section of path further down the hill.

 Stone on site and ready to begin work

Completed footpath after landscaping

As usual each team member worked on approximately a ten metre stretch and when completed leapfrogged over the person above them to advance further up the path.

 Starting work on another section

Completed path

The lower sections of the footpath were surprisingly easy digging for a change so we advanced fairly quickly.

 Work begins on a new section

 Getting further up the path

 Newly landscaped path

As we got higher up the path we started to hit more bedrock, rubble and solid ground which has hindered progress a little but we're still making good headway. We're hoping that in two or three weeks we'll have the rest of the footpath completed and landscaped.

 Pile of rock ready to be dug in

 Advancing up the path

Another completed section of footpath

We've had a fair amount of dry weather since starting work in early April so a lot of the turfs are a little parched and the grass seed is taking it's time to grow but the recent rain we've had should hopefully help remedy things.

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