Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Drain Run on The Band

After a hectic few months of working to get things ready in time for the opening of Allan Bank it's now time for us to focus a bit more on our upland footpath repair work.

Over the last few weeks we have resumed our path maintenance schedule which involves us going out and clearing the footpaths and drains of rubble and checking for any future repair work. It's what we refer to as a "Drain Run" and it's basically a walk out on the high fells armed with shovels and brushes, clearing any rubble from the path.

 Drain Run on The Band

It's an essential part of our job, as all our hard work of building the paths would soon be undone if they weren't properly maintained.

By clearing the drains it means that they continue to flow smoothly, without any regular maintenance they are likely to overflow during heavy rain and cause damage further down the path.

Loose stone, which has been knocked onto the pitching is also removed as it can act almost like marbles and can make walking on the path tricky. If it builds up too much people tend to walk off the path causing more damage to the vegetation next to the footpath, this can also exacerbate the problem.

Clearing out a drain 

So recently we've been out clearing the paths all over the Central and East fells at Red Screes, Yoke, Threshthwaite Cove, Gowbarrow, Megs Gill and The Band.

Clearing the top section of The Band

We've got a huge patch to cover but fortunately the Fix the Fells voluntary lengthsmen are also out on a regular basis helping us keep on top of things.

As well as their other duties they also arrange regular drain runs where groups of volunteers go out and clear the paths. They then feed the information back to us, so we get a really good idea of the state of the paths in the area.

View down The Band with Pike of Stickle in the distance

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