Friday, 6 January 2012

Coming soon...The Fell Rangers Poster

After a good winters break to recover from our exertions in 2011 we're now back and steadily getting up to speed. For the start of the new year, we'd like to unveil our new poster. You may have actually seen it around already as a few have been leaked, and one is already on the wall at the National Trust's Grasmere Information Centre.

The New Fell Rangers Poster

The poster was created solely by the Fell Ranger Team and will hopefully help people to get a little more information about the work that we do and in turn also highlight the problem of footpath erosion.

The new poster will be displayed at our work sites in conjunction with our warning sign. The idea being that if you're out walking the fells and stumble across one of our work sites, if it's one of our days off and there's nobody to talk to, it'll be a bit easier to find out what's been going on. The posters should also be appearing sometime soon at the National Trust car parks in Langdale.

We do realise that some people would rather not see any signage out on the fells but hopefully with the poster being in black and white it should be eye-catching but not too intrusive. Of course, it'll only be temporary and when we move to a new site the posters (made out of a durable vinyl, with waterproof ink) will come with us. We would be really interested to know if you've seen one of our posters and what you think of it.

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